These are our pre-made styles, guaranteed to make your photos look beautiful. However, the magic of style transfer is that you can use any image as style!
Dufy Sketch
Fauvism Strokes
Fauvism Stro...
Delaunay II
Abstract Cubism
Abstract PS
Colored map
Child drawing
Chinese art
Chinese mosaic
Chinese tiles
Jean Giraud
Moebius III
Dia de los m...
Herreros II
Starry Water
Picasso VIII
Scanner darkly
Scanner Darkly
Van Gogh VII
Van Gogh Shoes
Van Gogh Sketch
Van Gogh VI
Kandinsky ||
Japanese woo...
Colored smoke
Painted face
Portrait canvas
Pencil threads
Graffiti Abs...
Graffiti Wall
Liquid metal
Orange cubism
Circular tiles
Ceramic tile
Blue mosaic
Kashuba Clas...
Picasso self...
Matisse - Wo...
Picasso III
Henri Matisse
Andre Derain
Ernst Kirchner
Oil on canvas
White pastels
Thick brushs...
Modigliani III
Bright paint
Modigliani IV
Modigliani II